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Posted by Melinda Tori on February 24, 2016 at 11:15 AM

Even though this web page is dedicated to Brandon, we would also like to start shwing support to other people who sadly, went through what Brandon went through, and also people who struggle on being who they actually are because of their families and society.

I, myself, am an example of this, in part, because I'm not accepted by my family as a transman, and I went through a lot of things because of this.

Difficult isn't deal with how others see you, and what others think about you, but how your family acts.

I don't think i'll ever be accepted in my family for being the way I am, they are tolerant with me when I am my female self, but bad when I am my male self, but still, things are a little lighter since something that happened to me last year, now my family, even though still doesn't accept me as I am, they are more tolerant towards me.

It's really unfair people like me to face this, people not being able to understand that's not something that we chose, something we can control..

But I am in peace with myself, I am happy with myself, and I saw that I am stronger than I thought I could be, and the truth is that someday, I do hope they'll accept me fully as I am, because family is family, and it's hard to give up on them.

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